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Registration and Fees

Please register by emailing your personal data to dabf@umk.pl. This data must comprise the following items:

  • title (BA, MA, MSc, PhD, etc.)
  • first name
  • family name
  • sex
  • date of birth
  • nationality
  • home address
  • passport number (or national ID card number if passport is n/a)
  • university (institution),
  • e-mail
  • phone
  • dietary (gluten free, vegetarian, kosher, halal, shellfish, other)
  • allergies.


For students:

Early registration: by 10 June – 1000€

Standard registration: 11 June – 20 June - 1100€

For non-students:

Early registration: by 10 June – 1500€

Standard registration: 11 June – 20 June - 1600€

Tuition, course materials, social programme activities and trips, accommodation and full board (three meals a day and coffee breaks) are included in the fee.

The bank details for the payment are as follows:

  • To: DABF
  • Subject: Sales Forecasting + your name
  • Bank name: Bank Millennium w Warszawie
  • Bank Address: ul. Szosa Chełmińska 17, 87-100 Toruń
  • IBAN: PL45 1160 2202 0000 0000 3174 8579
  • Account owner: Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu

After making the payment you need to send the confirmation by email to dabf@umk.pl.

You can cancel your registration and you will receive a refund of 90% of your fee, if it is by 10 June, and 70% if it is by 20 June. After 20 June the fee will not be refunded.

The minimum number of participants is 15 for the course to take place.

Visa requirements

Since December 2007, Poland has been a part of the Schengen Area. Third-country nationals may enter Poland if they are in possession of a valid travel document and a visa (if required).

Council Regulation (EC) No 539/2001 includes the lists of third countries whose nationals must possess valid visas to cross external borders, and of countries whose nationals are exempt from this obligation.

Source: http://www.msz.gov.pl/en/travel_to_poland/entering_poland/

List of countries whose nationals may enter Poland without a visa is available here:


We strongly recommend you to check if you need visa to cross Poland’s external borders, and if it is required – to apply as soon as possible. Please note that it is your responsibility to submit the application to the relevant consular post in time.

See more: http://www.msz.gov.pl/en/travel_to_poland/visa/

If it is needed we can provide you with an official invitation. It will be sent to you only after the registration process is completed and the registration fee is already paid.

In case of visa refusal, registration fee will be returned. In order to receive it back please send us request of registration fee reimbursement together with the copy of visa refusal.